Darkness by Centurio and Kromproom

On the tracklist of the soundtrack Darkness includes two songs from our first album under the title of "eks-peryment". These tracks are Two Faces and Two Faces (Kromproom dubstep remix). There is also a song composed by the German band called "Von Thronstahl". Darkness is an additional soundtrack produced to the science fiction book "Revolution, Baby!" by Dan Davis. Music was composed to the novel already in early 2013. In 2014, the German company called "Argo-Verlag" released a special limited edition of the book including two CDs (“Original novel Soundtrack by Carlos Perón (Gründer der Formation Yello) feat. Centurio” + “Original novel BONUS-Soundtrack Darkness by Centurio & Kromproom”). On the 5th of August 2015 Darkness will be released to stream and download worldwide by KROMP ROOM RECORDS label.
Fun video by projekt smo

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