February 2014 - Dan Davis - Revolution, Baby!

Limited Edition - The book including 2 CDs - ARGO VERLAG - Publication February 2014!  Ca. 500 Seiten, Hardcover, Science Fiction-Roman, als Limited Edition in der Kombination mit dem CD-Soundtrack von Carlos Perón feat. Centurio sowie der Bonus-CD "Revolution, Baby! - DARKNESS" von Jens Esch & Piotr Krompiewski, 49,90 EUR.

The Science Fiction-
Novel by
Dan Davis

+official novel CD soundtrack by
Carlos Perón 
feat. Centurio

+bonus CD soundtrack "DARKNESS" by
Jens Esch CENTURIO & 
Piotr Krompiewski KROMPROOM

More Info.:


Link > www.revolutionbaby.de/news


KROMP ROOM RECORDS Summary of 2013

We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Follow us in the coming next year because there are going to be more music! We would like to thank everyone who contributed to making of these four releases.


EKS-port - ABS Remixes vol.2, release date: 01.10.2013
EKS-port - ABS Remixes, release date: 01.07.2013
Kromproom - Danced with a robot - feat. Centurio, release date: 08.04.2013
EKS-port - 7788 km/h, release date: 06.03.2013

Kromproom feat. Centurio
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Kromproom New Single Coming Soon!

The release will be available in all good music stores and stream platforms worldwide.

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